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Sound familiar?
You have clients from different countries, but cultural differences cause difficulties in communication?
You want to connect with new clients abroad, but don’t feel comfortable using English to reach out on LinkedIn?
You have a team of rocking professionals, but their English needs to be better to rock foreign clients?
You need to make demo presentations, but the technical details are hard to explain to clients in another language?
We are not only professional English teachers, but we also have backgrounds in IT and regularly attend IT conferences to further improve our knowledge base.
You and your teacher will speak the same languages - the language of English and the language of IT.
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Workshop for the company recruiters
In September 2020 we taught the Valtech recruiters how to test the English level of their candidates before the technical interview more accurately.
It's crucially important for Valtech employees to be fluent in English as the company mainly has international projects and the teams have to discuss, explain and clarify technical questions with each other and with clients daily, take part in meetings in English, and keep the ball rolling in small talk.
At the workshop we discussed:
- what to focus on at such interviews
- which mistakes are critical and which you can close your eyes to
- the criteria to evaluate the candidates
- questions to ask and what you can check with their help

We practiced a lot on real-life cases and at real interviews.
Customized programs for Lohika
We've been teaching at Lohika for more than 2.5 years. We started cooperating when the company was already having general English lessons with the teachers from another language school, hence we were invited as soft-skills experts. Our Soft Skills Programs are a dual benefit, as students not only learn English but also improve their soft skills. We create customized courses for Lohika to meet the company's needs and goals they set for their employees’ Performance Evaluation.
As a result, the employees can easily present a demo to a client, compose an email, make conference calls, actively participate in meetings, etc, doing all the abovementioned in English.

At the end of the course, the company gets feedback on each student from our teachers, which is then used at the Performance Evaluation.
We train employees all over the world
We've been working with Luxoft Training Center for more than 7 years now. Every year more than 120 employees of Luxoft Odesa have training sessions with our company. Apart from general English for Odesa teams, we teach our courses English For Tech and English for IT: Communication at the other offices in Ukraine, Europe, Latin America, Vietnam, Korea, Russia, and the USA. Therefore, Luxoft staff are no stranger to the culture gap phenomenon, as we practice in multicultural groups.
During the last year we have:
- formed 15 general English groups and trained 134 employees in Odessa;
- formed 4 English For Tech & English For IT: Communication groups and trained 42 employees;
- held intensive courses on pronunciation, presenting in English, and small talk for all the offices.
Onboarding educational program
We've been teaching at Provectus for more than 7 years. Apart from teaching general and sector-specific group courses to their employees, we are a part of the onboarding educational program for newcomers. We’ve created special customized training programs to make onboarding more efficient – diving deep into English and soft skills they need for work. Our IT-Emailing workshop has been mandatory for all new employees for more than 4 years now.
Another course we created for Provectus is Soft Skills Club – workshops on soft skills in English. Over the past year we held Soft Skills Club sessions discussing such topics as Small Talk Savvy, Most Common Mistakes Non-native Speakers Make, English For Effective Meetings, Polite English, The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback, and many others.
Individual program for each employee
People.AI's head office is in San Francisco and just a small part of the team is in Ukraine. That's why we decided on flexible-hours one-on-one classes with our teachers (both native and non-native speakers) for the employees from Ukraine.
Before we start each employee takes a placement test to set the goals and create a road map to improve their English. The individual program for each employee is based on the results of the test. But the main focus is always cross-cultural communication, team communication, and social English.

Over the past year, we trained 23 people from People.AI Ukraine.
We have many excellent courses, but we also specialize in creating custom courses for individual companies. We consider the needs of your company and design our course to help you achieve your goals.
The entire training process, from initial testing to quarterly reports, will be carried out by our team of professionals at English For IT.
What we do best:
English essentials course
Perfect for any IT professionals wanting to boost their English. We cover both IT and non-IT topics. Upon completion, your team will have increased vocabulary, be able to form sentences more correctly, and will have effective and flexible English skills for purposes both professional and social.
We have developed courses for IT engineers, courses for managers, courses for designers, courses for recruiters and HR specialists, and a Business Communication course beneficial for all IT professionals.
We don’t use textbooks - instead, we use real-world scenarios in our lessons.
We offer training sessions to teach people skills needed to be persuasive in English. We go through giving presentations, demonstrations, composing emails, holding meetings, and pitching ideas to clients.
We are happy to create exclusive tailor-made courses to meet your specific needs.
English For IT’s signature courses
Soft skills training
Other useful services we offer:
- We can assess the English level of candidates in the recruitment process.
- We can assess the English level of employees for performance evaluations.
- We can get one of our native English speakers to proofread your texts.
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