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About us

In today's technology driven world - every company is a tech company.

When developing our programs, we take into account three key attributes that the tech industry expects the workforce to have, in addition to strong technical skills:


Language proficiency




A high level
of soft skills

At English For IT™, we meet all these needs.


Language training

We offer language training for non-native speaking employees that targets all language skills: grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, speaking, listening, etc.

Core languages: English, Spanish

We provide CELTA and TESOL certified instructors and business trainers from the UK, Europe, the USA and Latin America.

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of multinational corporations face language barriers, impacting communication in the workplace.


of companies with global operations struggle with cross-cultural differences, leading to communication breakdowns.

communication training

We offer a customized culture uplift program that focuses on learning cultural affinity and managing cross-cultural differences.

We cover cross-cultural communication across Europe, MENA, Latin America, from the USA to Australia.

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Power skills training

Soft skill development programs that cover core soft skills to cut down on workplace misunderstandings, build better rapport and help your staff become more effective communicators. 

We will help your employees increase their potential by boosting their emotional intelligence.

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of tech employers emphasize the importance of soft skills, such as communication and emotional intelligence (EQ).

Who we are


Years of specialized experience

65K students

We do not work with companies or people from Russia and Belarus, or those who don't support Ukraine.

We operate across Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Asia and the USA

We are proud partners of Arizona State University (USA) and the University of Cape Town (South Africa)

We issue blockchain-verified certificates that you can easily showcase on your Linkedin profile

Our clients say

Case studies

For Exadel, we organize customized workshops on effective business communication.

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For Provectus, we conduct traditional classes as well as onboarding training.

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Our approach for Luxoft involves training employees from all over the world.

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For Materialise, we organized a Level Up course, as well as intensives on grammar and business communication.

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The 1991 Accelerator is the first and largest accelerator in Ukraine by pipeline.

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In addition to group classes, for the recruiting team at Adaptiq, we developed a course called Business Correspondence.

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