The English For Tech Textbook

Improve your grammar and vocabulary for a successful career in tech

Boost your business communication skills

Upgrade your soft skills

Welcome to your effective communication journey

With English For Tech, Anna Gandrabura has come out with a valuable tool for tech job-seekers and their teachers alike.

The textbook weaves technical vocabulary into colloquial real-world English phrases. The audio files are plentiful, and they’re authentic in spoken language and rate of speech.

Students who like knowing the rules of English will be delighted by well-organized grammar sections.

Finally, the bite-sized Annglish Tips will increase your feeling of mastering the challenges of English for Tech. This is a course book I would teach from, and would wholeheartedly recommend to self-study students.

Thea Micoli

Former Celta and Delta teacher, New York

Who the textbook is for

Tech professionals, managers, HR and recruiters

English teachers working with tech industry professionals

Tech students

What you'll find inside

12 lessons on modern tech and business topics (from new jobs in tech to creating a killer resume)

Focus on improving 6 key language skills: reading, pronunciation, listening, grammar, writing and speaking through the context of modern business communication

Exercises and projects based on authentic resources (tweets, articles, videos etc.)

A separate soft skills section to practice a particular professional skill (elevator pitch, bug reports, peer reviews etc.)

Practice tasks that help you build a strong grammar foundation

Answer keys and links to helpful resources

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English For Tech
Second Edition

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English For Tech Second Edition + Grammar Phrasebook

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English For Tech Second Edition  + Grammar Phrasebook
+ Interactive Workbook

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Our clients love us

English For Tech is the first English textbook I actually enjoyed!

I typically don't use textbooks when teaching, but this particular textbook is a treasure trove of modern up-to-date materials and engaging well-structured lessons. Highly recommend it to my colleagues!

Maria Glazunova
ESL and Business English coach

During our partnership with Anna and English For IT we experienced outstanding flexibility, increased employee satisfaction as well as recognition from our colleagues. It's always a pleasure to work with Anna and her team. They have become instrumental for our growth and success.

from EIS Group

English For IT provides great soft skills and cross cultural communication workshops which are crucial when dealing with foreign customers. We love that they offer individual approach and address the needs of each employee. We also like the fact that we can have classes with native speakers.

from GBSFO

Kudos to Anna and your entire team for making my English better! I used to have trouble with some grammar topics (especially, future tenses) but now I feel much better at it! I learned a lot of new words and phrases related to tech. Special thanks for lots of speaking activities.

Irina Potienko
tech professional

I'm an English teacher at a tech company, and there are not a lot of tech resources up for grabs.

I was lucky to bump into English for Tech by Anna and try it out with my students. This textbook is truly great if you want to boost your students' grammar and vocabulary through the context of the tech industry, which makes the process of learning English less stressful and more purposeful. The soft skills section is my personal favorite.Kudos to Anna for doing such a great job 😊

Alona Yurchenko
a freelance English teacher

I've just started using your textbook and teacher's guide. So far, I find them really useful and insightful 😊. I think both the topics and examples are great for IT guys, especially those, who want to stick to IT sphere only. Another advantage is the unit on soft skills, which they often lack.

Olesia Vorkevych
a freelance English teacher

Everything is so up-to-date and in demand in the Tech sphere that I can't think of better content. What I find amazing, this book is applicable for any level of students - I work with it with my A2 students as well as B2. It's versatile and universal. I have around 100+ students who managed to achieve their goals with the help of this textbook, nail the interviews, sustain everyday business communication at work, and become better presenters and more confident users of English in the work environment. This book has definitely made their lives better!

Kseniia Saulevych
a freelance English teacher

About the author

Anna Gandrabura

Womanpreneur, change leader, author of the English For Tech textbook and Interactive Workbook, founder of English For IT and Annglish, content creator and social media influencer.

Anna has taken multiple classes at Stanford University on management and effective communication, got a diploma in English for Specific Purposes from University of Oregon, and is CELTA certified by the Teaching House, New York.

She is the first person to have started creating ESL content for the tech space. She has worked with top tech companies such as Snapchat, Innovecs, EIS Group, Provectus providing workforce development training on soft skills.

Founded English For IT in 2012

14 years of English-teaching experience, plus 8 years in IT

Works with leading US and European IT companies (EIS Group, Provectus, People AI, Grammarly)

Studied Communication and Management at Stanford University

Holds regular workshops and participates in conferences worldwide

Heads a product management community in Odesa and organizes Product Tank meet-ups

Shares English lessons on her popular YouTube channel

Blogs about motivation, mindfulness, fitness and English on her popular Instagram page

We work with IT companies all over the world

We work with IT companies all over the world


Can I choose between a physical copy and an e-book?

For now, English For Tech is available in the e-book format. We've decided that the digital version would be most convenient for our students since the textbook contains lots of interactive exercises and links to extra resources.

Is this textbook for me if my level is Upper-Intermediate?

It is if your goals are to boost soft skills and solidify your knowledge of grammar.

Is the textbook for me if I already took the English For Tech online course?

Yes, in case you took the course a long time ago and need to refresh and revise the material.

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For English teachers

English For Tech Teacher's Guide

Helpful resources for designing amazing lessons

Overview of relevant and modern tech industry terms and concepts

Extra communication activities for every lesson

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