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Learn how to answer common interview questions

Get 6 interview answer templates that you can use to structure your answers

Practice answering job interview questions and get feedback from an English For IT interview preparation expert

Fix pronunciation mistakes in common words

Get tips on how to behave during the interview, what questions to ask the interviewer, etc.

Receive recommendations on your resume from a professional recruiter in tech

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The course creator Anna Gandrabura and tech industry leaders will share all the "secret" tips and tricks to make your interviews STRESS-FREE and EFFECTIVE. You will know how to deal with ANY question.


Every lesson will help you improve
speaking, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, writing

Module 1
Tell me about yourself

We will cover:
- how to create your elevator pitch for a job interview
- which structure to use for your answer
- what and what not to include in your answer
- useful vocabulary for introductions common grammar mistakes using Present & Past Tenses
- commonly mispronounce words

Module 2
Describe your current position and responsibilities

We will cover:
- how to sound confident answering any job interview question
- how to describe your duties and responsibilities in an organized and attractive manner
- grammar: gerund vs infinitives
- commonly mispronounce word

Module 3
What makes you a good fit for this position?

We will cover:
- how to connect your current skills and experience to the job you are applying for
- useful expressions for describing what value you can add to the company
- grammar: uncountable nouns mistakes
- commonly mispronounce words

Module 4
What are your strengths?

We will cover:
- how to talk about your strengths without boasting
- how to tell stories about & how to talk about your past experiences
- grammar: how to link your thoughts (linking words)
- commonly mispronounce words

Module 5
What are your weaknesses?

We will cover:
- what interviewers are looking to hear when they ask this question
- how to talk about your weaknesses without disqualifying yourself from the job
- grammar: hacking tricky prepositions
- commonly mispronounce word

Module 6
Tell me about a challenge you have faced at work

We will cover:
- storytelling for job interviews
- how to talk about your previous experience
- the STAR method for interview answers
- commonly mispronounce words
- grammar: painful articles

Module 7
Which questions to ask the interviewer?

We will cover:
- how to behave during a job interview
- when, how, and what questions to ask your interviewer
- grammar: direct & indirect question structure

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Course creator

Anna Gandrabura

Founded English For IT in 2012

14 years of English-teaching experience, plus 8 years in IT

Works with leading US and European IT companies (EIS Group, Provectus, People AI, Grammarly)

Studied Communication and Management at Stanford University

Holds regular workshops and participates in conferences worldwide

Shares English lessons on her popular YouTube channel

Blogs about motivation, mindfulness, fitness and English on her popular Instagram page


Job Interview
Crash Course


  • video, audio lessons & webinars
  • 2 webinars with recruiters from London & Ukraine
  • Lifetime access
  • Practice tasks in every lesson
  • Regular human mentor and AI-assisted feedback
  • Private Telegram chat for questions and networking
  • Blockchain-verified certificate of completion
  • Сheat sheets «37 Useful Phrases for Job Interviews» , «50 Most Common Job Interview Questions»
  • Job vacancies from our partners

We combine the speed and efficiency of AI-assisted feedback with personal attention from a human mentor.

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Our clients love us

Thanks to the course, I have successfully passed an interview.

I'm beginning my journey as a software engineer. I took the English For Tech course to boost my communication skills and prepare for a job interview. Thanks to the course, I have successfully passed an interview and got an internship offer at the best software company in Chișinău. Thank you for the knowledge you share with students! I'm gonna use my first salary to buy English For Tech Level 2!

Oksana Elisavetski

Course English For Tech

Now I understand my tech clients and team better.

I want to thank you for helping me choose the right course. My warm appreciation to Nadine for her feedback and help during the course. I'm grateful to you Anna, Kate, Karuna for your structured and applicable guided presentations, useful tips and tricks, and key points for successful communication in order to be on the same page with tech and business folks.

Aleksandr Kovalchuk

Course English For IT: Communication

Shout-out to you for this opportunity to boost my listening comprehension skills.

One of the features of the course is that it contains a lot of podcasts. That was a bit unusual and challenging for me at first. But shout-out to you for this opportunity to boost my listening comprehension skills. And also, special thank you for a lot of speaking activities, clear grammar topics explanation and useful vocabulary related to IT.

Irina Potienko

Course English For Tech. Speaking & Listening

Lessons are exciting and fit the specifics of my work 100%.

I really enjoyed taking this course and believe me I have taken my share of online courses to have something to compare this course against. The video lessons are exciting and fit the specifics of my work 100%. The audio speaking practice is just amazing - it's completely shocking in a positive way. Thank you for what you're doing!

Anrew Legenkyi

Course English For IT: Communication

I needed to update my LinkedIn profile

This course for me came as a stroke of luck because I needed to update my LinkedIn profile at exactly that time. I found a new job and wanted to change my LinkedIn summary from an applicant/beginner description to one that would show me as a professional QA engineer. It was surprising for me to learn that the way you present yourself on LinkedIn doesn't have to be super formal. On the contrary, showcasing your personality and unique experience is what makes you stand out and allows you to be discovered by the right kind of people.I really appreciate that English4IT makes a point to share practical tips & tricks related to culture and communication.

Daria Iurovska

Course English For Tech 2.0

All the topics, lessons and tasks are thoroughly planned

As someone who works in education myself, I'm very picky when it comes to choosing learning resources, structuring lessons and implementing teaching methods. The thing that caught my attention about the course was how carefully and thoroughly all the topics, lessons and tasks were planned. I'd like to stress that the course is fully in line with vetted academic principles. The best thing about it, however, is the speaking practice on different tech topics with teachers and native speakers who never failed to give their best, shared cool additional resources and checked our homework.

Natasha Yashna

Course English For IT: Communication

Our clients love us

I'm very happy I found this course.

It helped me understand how to prepare and practice for upcoming job interviews. The practice tasks are the best. Loved the super useful and actionable feedback I got on each of my answers. Definitely taking Job Interview Crash Course Part 2.

Yaroslav Berezhnyi

I recently completed Job Interview Crash Course Part 1 and I now feel much more confident in interviews.

The course gave me lots of valuable insights from understanding common interview questions to mastering body language and communication techniques. The practice tasks were particularly beneficial, as they allowed me to get comfortable answering different questions and to receive personalized feedback. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to enhance their interview skills and increase their chances of landing their dream job.

Kozak Halina
Project Manager

Top leaders trust us

Top leaders trust us


What if I want to improve my English level first?

If your English is pre-intermediate or lower, we recommend choosing one of our longer-format courses that will help you improve your vocabulary and grammar. If you're pre-intermediate or weak intermediate we recommend taking English For Tech. If your level is Elementary, consider the course English For IT Starter.

Will I get speaking practice?

Yes! There is a lot of speaking practice in the course with detailed feedback on your answers, mistakes, etc.

Additionally, you will get access to the English For IT community of tech professionals and English learners where you can find an interview buddy to do mock interviews with.

Does the course only teach how to answer the 6 questions from the course program?

No, you will learn how to answer over 50 job interview questions in this course. We will cover the most common types of interview questions and give you a template you will be able to use for similar questions. This way, we will teach you how to answer any job interview question by only using 6 templates. It's all about working smart, not hard!

Do I have to finish the course in 2 weeks?

No, you have 6 months to complete the course before your access expires. However, this is an intensive course. If you are ready to invest 30 minutes - 1 hour into this course every day, you can complete it in 2 weeks. We recommend the intensive option for those who have two weeks or less to prepare for a job interview but if you are not in a rush, we recommend taking the course at a slower (but consistent) pace that works for you.

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