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Modern Grammar

Top grammar topics and forms for everyday communication to speak fluently and be prepared for any situation

Modern Vocabulary

No obsolete, jaded phrases from textbooks, but the ones you hear from native speakers, in movies or find on the internet


Practice new vocabulary and grammar and improve fluency with speaking task in every lesson

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30 days of useful new information

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Recorded video, audio, text lessons with interactive quizzes and speaking tasks

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Topic 1
Texting. Abbreviations and common phrases

• you'll know modern slang and expressions for texting
• you'll be able to really use them
• you'll know the meaning of the most popular abbreviations native speakers use

Topic 2
Slang phrases

• you'll know the most popular words and phrases native speakers use everyday
• you'll understand slang used in films
• you'll know what grammar to use when texting in English

Topic 3
This shit is rad! Synonyms in slang

• you'll know synonyms used in popular slang
• you'll know how to use either/neither/too
you'll boost your speaking and get to practice your new knowledge

Topic 4
Modern English Grammar, mistakes which are OK to make

• you'll understand the difference between need doing and need done
you'll know which grammar 'mistakes' you can make in modern English
• you'll pronounce YOU and Y like a native

Topic 5
Expressions with “get"

• you'll know common idioms and phrasal verbs with “get"
• you'll be able to use them in real life
• you'll know how to use “get smth done (have smth done)" and “get smb to do smth" correctly

Topic 6
Expressions with “thing"

• you'll know the many different meanings of the word “thing"
you'll be able to use them in real life
• you'll be able to pronounce “mb" and “ough" correctly

Topic 7
How to swear correctly

• you'll know what to replace the bad words with
• you'll be able to pronounce “the" & “a" correctly
• you'll know how to learn English through your favorite songs

Topic 8
Common phrases for daily life

• you'll know words and expressions used in everyday communication
• you'll know how to use them in real-life situations
• you'll be able to give full answers and confidently discuss things in English

Topic 9
Modern idioms

• you'll know idioms native speakers use
• you'll be able to use them in real-life situations
• you'll understand English word stress rules and use them correctly

Topic 10
Modern phrasal verbs

• you'll know phrasal verbs used by native speakers
• you'll know when to use -ing forms in English
• you have English on the list of your good habits

Topic 11
How to swear correctly

• you'll know how to use prepositions in English
• you won't make some common mistakes with prepositions anymore
• you'll be able to use them in real-life situations

Topic 12
Tech terms and internet slang

• you'll know the most common words used in IT and online communication in English
• you'll know how to use them in real-life situations
•you'll appreciate the difference between FOMO and YOLO

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Course Speaker

Anna Gandrabura

Hey there.
I'm Anna,
also known as Annglish, and I'll be teaching you English! I've been teaching since I was 19, and since then, I've helped thousands of people improve their spoken English. I'm originally from Odesa, Ukraine, but I now live in Miami, USA. Join my course and my Instagram and TikTok communities, with over 600,000 followers, to learn English quickly and in a fun way!

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