You can pay for the course in any convenient currency with any card on the site via Stripe or/and PayPal.

Return guarantee

For courses that provide immediate access upon payment and have no specific start date, we offer a 24-hour refund policy upon the client's request.

However, for courses with a specific start date, such as English For IT Starter, refunds can be requested after the first lesson.

For the English For IT and Annglish Courses refunds can be requested within one week of purchase (even if you haven't accessed the course content on the platform).

Please note that electronic products such as the English For Tech textbook, Teacher's Guide, or the Interactive Workbook: So, tell us about yourself are non-refundable.

Return conditions

If, for some reason, you change your mind about taking the course, reach out to us directly at, and we will refund your payment.

English For IT team