Webinar by English For IT™

Cultural Differences

in the Workplace

Effective strategies to create an inclusive work environment that respects diverse cultural backgrounds

May 22, 7pm GMT+3



Trusted by



Anna Gandrabura

Educator, Founder of English For IT™

Special guest

Pablo Sektman

Talent, Learning and Development Leader at AB InBev

Why attend?

Join our live webinar tailored for HR professionals, L&D specialists, talent managers, and founders seeking to foster inclusivity in the workplace. Gain actionable strategies to cultivate an environment that respects diverse cultural backgrounds.

Every participant receives a blockchain-verified certificate of attendance, effortlessly shareable on LinkedIn, to showcase your commitment to cultural diversity and professional development.



3 things to take into account when working with multicultural teams

How culture differences create failed communication

Do’s and Don’ts of cross-cultural communication

How can L&D departments realize their ROI

Why employee trainings don’t work


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