Modern Business

Idioms Course 

10 group lessons with a native speaker

For levels: Intermediate and higher
Mondays & Thursdays at 4-5pm CET
Starting July 25

Is this you?

You have good English skills but still use basic expressions

You lack speaking practice with a teacher

You don’t feel confident in work meetings

You want to sound like a native speaker

Idioms are commonly used in professional settings, such as negotiations, presentations, and networking events.

Mastering idiomatic expressions allows you to communicate more fluently, convey your ideas with precision, and establish rapport with clients and colleagues.

What you’ll achieve

10 hours of speaking practice in a small group

Start using 100+ common business idioms and phrases

Fix common grammar and pronunciation mistakes

Gain confidence speaking English

Receive a blockchain-verified certificate of excellence

The English For IT certificate stands for:

  • authenticity: your certificate is verified on the blockchain and can not be forged or lost

  • convenience: share your certificate to LinkedIn or Twitter with just one click

  • keeping up with trends: your certificate is an NFT. It is automatically published on OpenSea (a marketplace for web3 tokens) upon being issued. English For IT does not only teach about cutting-edge (=very modern) trends - we use them!

Course program

Lesson 1
Action and Decision-Making Idioms
  • Pick someone’s brain, cut-throat, bring up to speed, and more

Lesson 2
Chatting and Messaging with Candidates and Clients
  • Break even, from the ground up, throw in the town, and more

Lesson 3
Euphemistic Idioms
  • Cushion the blow, smooth things over, beat around the bush, and more

Lesson 4
Idioms for Challenges and Risks
  • Cave in, dead wood, in hot water, and more

Lesson 5
Idioms for Learning New Skills
  • Trial and error, back to the drawing board, sink or swim, and more

Lesson 6
Idioms for Financial Matters
  • Crunch the numbers, cash cow, red tape, and more

Lesson 7
Advanced American idioms
  • Hit a wall, go off the grid, in the back of one’s mind, and more

Lesson 8
Idioms of Encouragement and Motivation
  • Bone tired, knock it out of the park, tuckered out, and more

Lesson 9
Idioms about Communication or Miscommunication
  • Open a can of worms, strike up a conversation, open the floor

Lesson 10
Common everyday communication idioms
  • Be on the same page, blue-sky thinking, build rapport, and more

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Course instructor 

Josephine Fouda, the US

Business English Teacher at English For IT™

Certified professional Scrum master and DevOps Engineer

Works with leading US and European IT companies (Sigma Financial, Exadel, Odeeo)

Hosts discussions, webinars and workshops on trending technology topics

Our students work for leaders and innovators in the tech industry

Pricing Plans

Modern Business Idioms Course
$199 $169

until July 19 - 15% off

10 one-hour sessions in a small group
Speaking practice with a native speaker
Lesson recordings
Quizzes and extra practice in your personal account
Private Telegram chat for questions and networking
Blockchain-verified certificate of completion
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